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About Sandeep Saurav


Early Life

Many of you know me as a student activist, one of those fighting the very tough battle to defend India’s democracy and the Constitution, and work for the India of Bhagat Singh and Ambedkar’s dreams in the face of fascist assaults by the far-right BJP NDA regime. This crucial battle has to be fought in the streets as well as the legislative assemblies. 

In Bihar, the JDU-BJP combine that is in power, along with their ally the NDA regime at the Centre, has subjected Bihar’s migrant workers to a cruel lockdown. The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed Bihar’s crumbling system of public healthcare. The Govt has deprived Bihar’s youth of the dignified, equitable education and employment that they deserve. This regime which has let down farmers, agricultural workers, and women tries to hold on to power by spreading hate and pitting Hindus against Muslims. It is crucial for Bihar and India that this regime is ousted in the Bihar Assembly elections.

The JDU BJP combine is wielding bottomless wealth (from super rich corporations through secretive electoral bonds). CPIML has a proven track record of sending MLAs to the Bihar Assembly who do not take a paisa of corporate money, and who make sure that people’s movements find a voice inside the Assembly. We need you to contribute generously to send people’s movement candidates, funded only by people, to the Assembly.

Political Journey

I have been an activist and organizer of the student movement AISA for almost thirteen years now. I was the JNUSU General Secretary in 2013-14. I have worked as its National General Secretary since 2015. Throughout this phase, the students’ movement has emerged as the real Opposition to the authoritarian, fascist government. It has raised the issues of students and youth, of education and employment, and also defended equal citizenship by opposing the divisive CAA. 

My mother was a school teacher in rural Patna. I would like to give back to the people of my Magadh region and Bihar state by putting my education and my experience as a student activist, to their service. I would like to work with the people to bring change to the ground reality of Paliganj, and Bihar. As the candidate of the CPIML and the Grand Alliance from Paliganj, I will work to make sure that the youth of Paliganj get the education and employment, healthcare and democratic rights that they deserve.

I would like to be held accountable for these goals to the electorate of Paliganj.I am fighting to defeat the NDA that is funded by moneybags and fueled by divisive, hateful politics



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The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation is an Indian communist party born in ferment of the Naxalbari uprising of May 1967. The Naxalbari uprising put the most oppressed sections of India’s people firmly on the map of Indian politics and in the driving seat of Indian revolution – and in doing so established continuity with the historic communist-led peasant movements of Punnapra-Wayalar and Telangana. The party was founded on the birth anniversary of Lenin, April 22 1969, committing itself to applying Marxism-Leninism in Indian conditions.

The CPI(ML) emerged as the firm defender of the revolutionary legacy of India’s communist movement, resisting revisionism as well as anarchist currents in the Indian communist movement. Right from the outset it braved the most brutal custodial torture and killings that claimed an entire generation of its leaders including its founding General Secretary Charu Mazumdar. The CPI(ML) Liberation since its earliest days developed a model of class struggle that championed questions of dignity and equality of the oppressed castes and women.

The CPI(ML) Liberation currently has elected representatives in the Assemblies of Bihar and Jharkhand, and leads movements of workers, peasants and various sections of people all over India. The CPI(ML)’s representatives in Parliament and Assemblies have played the role of a revolutionary Opposition. The CPI(ML) upholds the best of India’s traditions of anti-imperialist nationalism. In its approach to relations with neighbouring countries as well as to internal nationality questions, the party has been consistent in its opposition to every kind of national chauvinism and jingoism. The CPI(ML) has, from its inception, been at the forefront of struggles to expand and deepen India’s democracy. The CPI(ML) consistently resists state repression, fights for the abolition of draconian laws, fights for the annihilation of caste, resists gender violence, racism and homophobia and struggles against corporate plunder of land and resources. It is committed to resisting the growing communal fascism in India with all its might.

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